Book Review: Nourishing Traditions

This is a beautiful book that explains how we got to our current poor state of health. The meticulously researched book shows how technology led us to processed foods, which have much of the healthful properties removed. The author follows the money of the nutritional ‘experts’ who have political power and explains the forces that drive them to ignore key findings of science and the wisdom of our ancestors.

I thought I knew a lot about nutrition before reading this book, but it blew my mind and I learned a lot. The most mind blowing thing I learned was that the foods of cultures untouched are more healthful and people in those cultures have better health. Every time those cultures join the practices of the modern world, they get sicker with our big diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes. This is amazing, but more amazing is that Dr. Weston Price wrote a ground-breaking book about this in the 1930s. We have know about this for a century and things have just gotten worse.

Another great thing I learned was about the importance of meat and the right meat. It is difficult to maintain optimal health with a solely vegetarian diet so animal products are important. I shudder at the treatment of the animals that we eat in the West and I tended to avoid meat for that reason. From this book, I learned that animals who live a happier life are also much better for us to eat! An example is the benefits of eating a chicken that spent its life free-range, eating bugs. The meat is much better for us and the chicken has a much better life! This makes it worth the expense and inconvenience to buy humanely, properly raised meat.

I also learned the truth about ‘fad nutrition.’ I and most of us are overwhelmed with the amount of contradictory food advice out there. In my life, we have been through low-fat and Atkins and a mind-boggling array of recommendations and miracle diets. This book is not about the latest food craze. This is the healthy way for humans to eat and it’s been true since the 1930s, and the 0030s!

You can’t help noticing that a lot of people in the United States are quite ill. We all have loved ones with cancer and heart disease. There is more and more research into nutrition and more and more concern about nutrition and yet we keep getting sicker. Why? This book explained it perfectly.

My favorite thing about this book is that it starts with wonderfully researched explanations. After reading the information and having my mind expanded, I thought, ‘great, but I don’t know what to eat.’ To my delight, the rest of the book is recipes! You can follow the recipes to learn how to live with optimal health through the wisdom of our ancestors.

Nourishing Traditions - The Cookbook the Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats - Sally Fallon