HappyMark is inspired by my dad, Mark. Health issues had started me on a journey of whole foods and spirituality. I lived in New Mexico, far away from my hometown and my beloved family. I had a successful career that was no longer serving me. As my health improved and my spirituality deepened, I started to long for a different life. I wasn’t sure what to do with myself, I just knew that I needed a change. In the midst of this confusion, life threw a clarifying event. My dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It became clear that I should move back to Sullivan to be near dad and to enjoy a relationship with him for as long as possible.

I quit my job, sold my house and moved. It was a leap of faith, with no plan about the kind of life I would have here, just that I would be near dad and my family. I spent a lot of time researching and talking about the effects of nutrition on alzheimer’s and cognitive ability in general. One day, my computer-illiterate dad told me that he had a business idea for me. He was lit up with excitement for this idea. He said ‘you like talking about nutrition. You should start a website where you sell nutritional advice.’ As soon as he said the words, I felt my heart open to the possibility. I felt happy.

So I started HappyMark! My own journey taught me that self-care and lifestyle choices increase our happiness which empowers us to live by our core values and to be the people we were meant to be. My passion is helping other people increase their happiness by improving mind, body and spirit.

I will meet you wherever you are on your own journey and help you discover the wisdom of your own body and the call of your own spirit.

Make your happy mark on the world!

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